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A complete, fast and practical application. With all the most important information from Costa Rica and the world; news, photos, videos and infographics from La Nación.

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Grupo Nación is a leading company in the generation of various contents in print, digital and radio media. The group first published its newspaper La Nación in 1946 and since then has continued to do so on a daily basis, characterised by serious journalism with credibility and editorial and commercial independence.

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The Story

Sometimes projects come from where we don't expect them: Maikol, co-founder of Creativería, was a professor in the technology team of Grupo Nación, specifically in software development for iOS.

From there was born the relationship of trust that led the group to learn more about Creativería and our way of working, to later put in our hands their most important application until today.

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Analysis and teamwork

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The Challenge

To provide the reader with an excellent user experience in an app that would go hand in hand with the prestige that La Nación has as a press medium, generating, in addition, a structure for one of the most widely used platforms in Costa Rica.

Understanding usage scenarios is paramount at an early stage.

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From paper to screen

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our approach

From the outset, we had to ensure that the user experience went hand in hand with the user's need. Usability as a means to leverage the usefulness of an app is the starting point of the project.

Having ensured the above, we moved into an implementation stage, using agile methodologies to develop apps for iOS and Android with hybrid technologies.

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Fig 09.
Optimisation for different devices

The implementation helped us to position the brand, have a presence in the mobile market and therefore continue to be a trend in the market.

- Pablo Fonseca
SEO Editor. Nation Group
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The results

The application is in the Top 3 of Costa Rica's media apps, as one of the most downloaded and used.

Number of active users in a day using the app
This is the average time of use of the application

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