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Shopping with an interactive experience, supporting the Rose Movement

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Interactive experience to shop and support the Pink Movement's breast cancer early detection campaign.


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The Pink Cart application was developed to inform the user about the location of products in relation to their own location within the supermarket.

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Movimiento Rosa is the fundraising campaign created by Automercado to support the cause of prevention and fight against breast cancer.

Cancer in general is among the three leading causes of death in Costa Rica, with breast cancer being the one with the highest mortality rate in women.

Technology encompassing physical spaces in the field of product marketing.

Fig 02.

02 -
The story

This project started when Pulse - friends and allies of ours - invited us to be part of the Pink Movement campaign. Our involvement would focus on developing a mobile application.

The idea was to be part of the design of a real-time experience for Auto Mercado customers, with a shopping cart, as a symbol of the campaign's intention: "to be early is to be on time". Hence the name Carrito Rosa.

With this, we seek to offer the user relevant information about the products and brands that, year after year, contribute to the cause of the movement.

Fig 03.
Graphic work in conjunction with our friends at Pulse

Fig 05.

Fig 04.

03 -
The challenge

The accuracy of the user's location with the Pink Cart within the supermarket was the main challenge. To achieve this, a more organic and aligned approach to the user experience was needed.

The products, their location, the relationship between them and the user, made the variables interdependent and relative. We needed a system that had the capacity to learn from this input from the external world, nothing more, nothing less, than a system based on the principles of artificial intelligence: a Neural Network.

We discovered an ally in the use of beacons for indoor location.

Fig 06.
The artificial intelligence system used was to learn the location of the products in the supermarket.

Fig 07.

The fact that Creativería faced the project with this courage was what really made it possible for the project to become a reality, setting a precedent in the field of shopper marketing: as a team, we turned Auto Mercado into the first beacon-ready supermarket in the region.

- Diana Zuleta
Partner, IAD, Design Director - Pulse

A series of interactions were proposed that could make the experience more interesting and valuable for the consumer.

Fig 08.

04 -
Our approach

It is no small thing to think that for this project we could go beyond what we had done before, or even what had been done before in a local supermarket. So we dared to play with Artificial Intelligence, to offer the user an even richer experience than they are used to.

However, the work was not just about creating the system, but also included training the Neural Network so that it could learn the supermarket environment and deliver the accuracy we needed.

05 -
The Results

Neural Network technology, based on beacons, allowed the application to recognise the location of the shopping trolley and relate it to the products around it.

Beyond what was achieved directly with the technology, the primary objective was to support the campaign, which has increased its fundraising by considerable amounts since the implementation of the Pink Trolley.

This was the total amount raised by the campaign
This is the estimated revenue contribution generated directly by the Pink Trolley.

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Fig 10.

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