The foundations

The key has been to get out of our comfort zone, to align our practices with what we believe in and to be clear about what our quality standards are that we are not willing to sacrifice.

People come in many sizes, shapes, colours and each with their own stories and worldviews, so we make sure that everyone has their place here.



You are part of something bigger


We don't just develop technology, we generate solutions; put yourself in the shoes of our customers and users, our purpose is to help them live better.

The purpose of each project is determined by the needs of clients and users.

Fig 01.



You are in charge

It's for real

Even if there is a process, it is up to you whether this will be solved creatively. This responsibility will also give you a great deal of freedom to work, but being in charge does not mean working alone, so take the opportunity to help others whenever you can, contributing your talent, your unique personality, your inputs and ideas.



Empathy for living together

Living together?

Living together means that we recognise each other as human beings, as particular and complex as we can be, so it never hurts to stop and listen.



Your role does not define you

we are a team

Creativería is built together, every day, and our growth is related to those actions that are outside of what everyone expects from you. There is no room for doers here. We expect a lot of initiative.

Fig 02.



Embrace risk

continuous growth

We learned to work with freedom, with room to fail. Being professional is not enough, without risk there is no transgression, and without transgression we do not grow, we do not create.



The team first

a common goal

That saying that two heads are better than one is not just a phrase. Consult, take into account, work as a team, you don't know everything and no doubt the spirit of collaboration will bring positive results.



Be authentic

Who are you?

Creativería is the sum of each of the people who are part of the team, each of them contributing something different and unique to the secret sauce of who we are. Be authentic, act with sincerity, be yourself.

Fig 03.



Iterá, do it again, do it better

read in our being

Always dissatisfied, in search of perfection, curious, creative, with attitude.



I lived passionately

out of the comfort zone

Without passion it doesn't count, it doesn't fill, you didn't give your all. Put your heart into everything you do.


& N.10

Feedback is a gift

"It's good, I like it" is not good feedback.

A kind "thank you" after receiving feedback says a lot about you. Make what you say valuable to the growth of the team.

Magic happens at home! #wearecreativeria

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